Developing Digital Discipleship Pathways

discipleship leadershiop online learning Sep 28, 2020

What is a Discipleship Pathway?

A pathway is a 30,000 foot view of a process. Ideally, each church has at least one process or pathway that is designed to help people progress from non-believer to believer to mature disciple to multiplying leader. Other words for "pathways" include "pipelines" or "funnels". I prefer to use the word "pathways" because it has a more friendly tone. 

What is a Digital Discipleship Pathway? 

A digital discipleship pathway is simply a discipleship pathway that takes place primarily online or in the digital realm. Digital discipleship pathways make sense during this pandemic and when people prefer to work from home to complete tasks online. 

Why Digital Discipleship Pathways?

Digital discipleship pathways increase access to more people who could not attend in-person training due to time or geography. Digital discipleship can take place in pre-recorded or live video events, interactive animations or with digital printed materials. 

In my book, Fishing On The Other Side, I talk about developing digital discipleship pathways as an end goal to digital marketing for churches. The video posted above is from a zoom meeting that I did with pastors and church planters in May of 2020 as we were in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. At that time, many churches were dealing with basic issues of survivability while trying to figure out how to be the church without physical meetings.  My goal in the Zoom meeting was to get the Church to look beyond these internal issues and to develop outreach and discipleship strategies that transcend meeting space.  

I hope that you will find the information in the video helpful to you and your church regardless of what season you find yourselves in.  If you have any questions, or would like to know more, feel free to email me at [email protected]