Multiplying Leaders Like Jesus

discipleship leadershiop Oct 05, 2020

Do you have all of the high-capacity leaders that you need in your church?  Could you use a few more? Why not follow the example of Jesus?

Jesus didn't just make disciples, He made leaders. He invested three and a half years in His apostles and then turned His entire movement over to them. He commanded them to spread the Gospel (Acts 1:8) and to make disciples of all people. He empowered them with his authority. while promising to always be there for them. (Matthew 28)

Jesus didn't hold anything back. He gave His apostles his source code - the Holy Spirit.  He gave them access to the same inspiration, authority and power that He had. He trusted them and entrusted them with the the task of starting churches every where they went. 

When it comes to leadership multiplication, there is no greater role model than Jesus. Not only is He the greatest leader of all time, He is the only perfect leader. 

Lead Like Jesus is an extension of a church"s discipleship ministry. It is a tool for developing and multiplying healthy leaders. Join me at 2 PM Eastern time Thursday, October 15th for a 1 hour overview of the Lead Like Jesus Encounter. In this free Zoom event, I will be sharing how you can use LLJ to create healthy patterns of leadership multiplication within your church. A well-led church has more than enough people to lead their ministries and plenty more to send off as missionaries and church planters (Acts 13). 

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