Internet Evangelism: Reaching Others Made Easy

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About Marilyn

Marilyn Adamson grew up in Chicago and has a degree in journalism & advertising. A former atheist, she came on staff with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), hoping to reach people through media. In 2000, she created Cru's evangelistic site and continues to direct it. The site is now in many languages. More than 50 million people came to the site last year. Marilyn also created a full discipleship pathway for new believers, also in multiple languages.  She's married, with two adult children. Marilyn's on two leadership teams with Cru: one focused on college students worldwide, and the leadership team for Church Movements in the U.S.

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Most church members stay silent rather than share their faith. The risk is too high. Real conversation among 3 men who love Jesus:

   “I love Jesus but every time I try to talk to someone about Him, I feel like I’m stumbling through some sort of sales pitch, trying to convince someone of something.”    
   “Man, can I relate and hence, why I almost never broach the topic.”
   “I wrote in my journal to Jesus two weeks ago, ‘I’m sorry that I hate evangelism so much. Can you please fix this?’”    
All three said that what Marilyn shared with them (that she will share with us!) totally fixed this. Come hear how church members can feel new freedom, easy opportunities to reach others. 

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