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God blesses us with a purpose in life plus unique gifting, insights, and experiences. How we align our life and our purpose to be on-purpose is the blending of God’s will and free will to find walk the straight path.

TOUGH SHIFT, yes say it slowly, is a fast-paced, deep dive into what makes you tick as a person and a leader. This experience includes free use of to find your purpose in life in just two words. Additionally, you’ll gain the advantage of clarifying your language of leadership and strategy, so your purpose, plan, and communication resonate in your spirit and within your church body.

Take advantage of TOUGH SHIFT to tap into your Godly Advantages by registering today.

^Kevin W. McCarthy is the Chief Leadership Officer for On-Purpose Partners. Since the late 1980s Kevin’s On-Purpose® message and approach that have inspired your conversation today. He’s the author of The On-Purpose Person Making Your Life Makes Sense and the creator of–both are profound tools for evangelism.  On-Purpose Peace is a related small group study for making disciples who make disciples.

Kevin McCarthy
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